Working Out




Hydro Physio HP300 Underwater Treadmill


Exercising in the warm water of the state-of-the-art HP underwater treadmill allows the natural properties of water to create a low-impact workout for your pet.  For the pet recovering from injury or surgery this workout will help increase muscle strength and endurance and allow for a quicker return to land-based activity. 



Fit Fur Life Canine Treadmill

Superbly designed and manufactured to the highest quality our Fit Fur Life canine treadmill complements the exercise available in the underwater treadmill. 

Fit Fur Life treadmills are used throughout the United Kingdom and internationally in all facets of the dog-world - Veterinary Practices, Hydrotherapy Centres, Kennels, Dog Training Units, Professional Breeders, Showdog Professionals and by Dog Owners.  

At Active Paws we can assist with purchasing a Fit Fur Life treadmill however please note stock is not currently held in New Zealand.